It's better to try it once than to hear about it for 100 times

AB “Gubernija”

Irma G.

We are glad to find a projector when it was needed for a presentation. Easy to use and great resolution. Thank you.

UAB „Zig Zag Travel"

Sima I.

I would like to thank you for the rented projector with a laptop. Great price, easy to use and no much space is required. Thank you so much.


Romena R.

Our language school wrote a project and received funding for computer rentals.

The main reasons we chose are excellent service and the ability of a constant renewal.

Informacijos Technologijų Mokymo Centras

Skaidra V.

At the moment we are renting 8 powerful laptops to a training institution. The offered price for computers was the best of all. We have chosen this company for a quick service time - they were the first to respond to our request, the first to send us an offer and understand what computers we needed. We have two reliable partners in Lithuania who understand our needs. One of them is

Šiaulių miesto savivaldybė

Domas G.

The projector worked very well and facilitated the event because it was used not only as the projector but also as the speakers. It was small and compact so it was convenient to use.

each client is a business partner

we could not exist without them




I have been working in business since I was 16. I am well aware of the IT equipment issues faced by the service companies.

Employees suffer from the work with outdated equipment. What’s worse, there are cases where even personal IT equipment is used because it works faster and/or it is easier to work with special software. In such a case, the company suffered a risk concerning the data and general security that is not even thought about.


Sales Manager

​We have been renting since 2011. Currently, we are continuously serving over 200 newly-installed and efficient workstations throughout Lithuania.

I keep asking the clients the same question every day - what is the oldest device your company uses?
Work more efficiently with new computer hardware.

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